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Featured Games: Gin-Rummy
Gin-Rummy is a card game for two people. A game consists of a series of hands, and it ends when a player accumulates 100 or more points. Then, the final scores are calculated and the player with the higher score is the winner. You can play regular gin-rummy, gin only games, oklahoma gin, select from 100 to 500 point games, play tournaments etc.

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Five card Cribbage - a new Cribbage variation. presents a new variation of a popular card game Cribbage - 5-card Cribbage.

Cribbage is traditionally supposed to have been invented in the early 17th Century, the initial game was exactly Five Card Cribbage, that has been now almost entirely replaced by the modern Six Card Cribbage. had 6-card Cribbage game before, now we introduce 5-card Cribbage, that is still popular in England.

Five card Cribbage rules
Two players using a standard 52 card pack. Cards rank K(high) Q J 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 A(low).
The object of the game is to be the first to score 61 points accumulated over several deals. Points are scored for combinations of cards like they are scored in 6-card cribbage. The pone player gets 3 points for "last" as compensation on the first deal. In Five Card Cribbage the hand is played up to 31 only once and one or both players may have unplayed cards at the end of the play.

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