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Buckman game is a Pacman-style game - a classic arcade game, its object is to earn points by having your BuckMan eat as many yellow dots and bonus Dollars as possible while avoiding the Red Spiders. Eating bigger yellow "power pills" in the corners of the board turns Spiders Green and edible by BuckMan for a while. You use the 4 arrow keys on your keyboard to change direction of BuckMan. As you move along, you eat the yellow dots. When all the yellow dots on a level are eaten, you move to the next level. Try getting the rotating Bonus Dollars when they appear. When pursued by Red Spiders, have your BuckMan eat the Power Pill -- a bigger yellow dot initially located in each of the corners of the board. After consuming the Power Pill, the Spiders will turn green for a while. Green Spiders will try to run away from BuckMan and BuckMan will be able to outrun the Spiders while they are Green.
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