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You can play two variations of online cribbage game: 6-card cribbage and 5-card cribbage. Cribbage games and tournaments are played against other real opponents worldwide or with your friends.

Six Card Cribbage is a game for two players. Two players use a standard 52 card pack. The rank and value of the cards are as follows: K Q J 10 - 10, A - 1, 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 - the corresponding number of points. Object of the Game is to be the first to score 121 points gathered over several deals. The score points are marked by pins named pegs on the board.

Points are scored for combinations of cards either occurring during the play or occurring in a player's hand or in the cards discarded before the play, which form the crib. Check Cribbage score sheet for quick scoring.

The main combinations are 15, Pair, Royal Pair, Double Royal Pair, Run and some other combinations. Read the Cribbage rules below for details. Five Card Cribbage is a traditional version, it is still popular in England. 5 card Cribbage differs from the more modern 6 card cribbage by the number of cards in hand (initially 5) and by the score to play - usually it is 61 points.

You can play internet multiplayer Cribbage games and tournaments online for free or for money prizes.

New! Cribbage HTML5 game to play in browser online for all platforms - desktop, android, apple, win phone - phones and tablets. See more Cribbage HTML5 game
To play Cribbage on iPhone, iPad or on Android or WinPhone login and select "green app" or "blue app" in Cribbage playing room list. HTML5 game allows you to play without installation.

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