What is Ladder
Community Ladders at Rubl.com are open to all players who wish to compete fairly and have fun. We have a simple ranking system. Your ranking will represent your standing among other players. The highest ranked player holds the #1 spot. A player with #2 ranking is ranked one level below the #1 player. The goal is to "climb" the Ladder as high as you can.

Note: Ladder ranking is NOT your rating -- it is a completely separate ranking system:
When you win against a higher ranked player, your rank goes up half the way between their rank and your former rank
If you lose to a player who is ranked more than one level below you, your rank will NOT change
If you lose to a player who is ranked directly below you, your ranks will switch places
If you lose to a player who is ranked above you, your rank will not go down at all
When other players beat people above you and jump over you in rank you will slide down

Monthly Prizes
On the 1st day of every month, Top Ten registered Ladder players to that day will receive prizes - $Tickets in their accounts. As soon as prizes are disbursed, each of Top Ten players will be dropped 20 ladder spots. This assures the dynamic nature of the Ladder.

Just the 1st place prizes are listed below for each Ladder :
1st place Ladder Prize in Gin-Rummy and Backgammon Ladders - 50 $Tickets
1st place Ladder Prize in Cribbage and Dominoes Ladders - 30 $Tickets
1st place Ladder Prize in Canasta and Pool Ladders - 20 $Tickets
1st place Ladder Prize in Chess Ladder - 10 $Tickets
1st place Ladder Prize in Checkers Ladder - 5 $Tickets

How to Join Community Ladder
To join Community Ladder, all you need to do is play a game at the table with the Ladder setting on ("L" in Ladder Column). You will be enrolled into the Ladder automatically. You will also join the Ladder automatically once you play any Ladder Tournament. Please note: there can be a delay for up to 10 minutes for any Ladder report.

A player will earn 1 Ladder Point for participating in any Ladder Tournament
A player will earn 1 Ladder Point for every Ladder Mini-Tourney with a fee equal or greater than 5 $Tickets.
As soon as the number of Ladder Points reaches 30, all of these Ladder Points will be converted to 1 Ladder rung advancement (step-up). After the step-up, the Ladder Points will be reduced by 30 points.
There will be a Ladder Point statement for each user, viewable by all.

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