If you play Mahjong Solitaire for fun, why don't you try it for money? It's a good chance to check your skills and win this big Jackpot! You pay only 1.25 $Tickets to join and have a chance to win $100 for the first place.

Two weeks left to join this Mahjong solitaire card game tournament and win the cash prize

Entry Fee: $1,25 Tickets
Start Time: Nov 25, 2010.
Finish Time: Dec 24, 2010.
It is a monthly super jackpot tournament, please visit us any time from Nov 25, 2010 till Dec 24, 2010, play Mahjong solitaire game and win this jackpot. Good luck in online internet gaming!

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Go to Mahjong solitaire page, select "play Mahjong online" enter your name and password and then press "play now" button from Mahjong room page - against this super-jackpot tournament description.

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1 place W1thU22 from Australia 120 $Tickets
2 place huhuhu_2005 from China 75 $Tickets
3 place nebhx2 from California, US 42 $Tickets
4 place vkaytsner from Illinois, US 30 $Tickets
5 place krisi82 from Massachusetts, US 15 $Tickets
6 place pizzaman670 from Canada 9 $Tickets
7 place Giving from Italy 6 $Tickets
8 place Dairylea_Dunkers from United Kingdom 3 $Tickets

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