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Online multiplayer games:
gin rummy money games gin-rummy
cribbage money games cribbage
dominoes money games dominoes
backgammon money games backgammon
chess money games chess
checkers money games checkers
canasta play cash games canasta
pool 8-ball play cash games pool 8-ball
pool 9-ball play cash games pool 9-ball
PRS play online - rock paper scissors RPS
spades play money games spades

Online single player arcade and card games:
solitaire money games Solitaire
free cell money games FreeCell
rush-21 (777) money games Rush-21
poker money games Poker-Rush
lines money games Lines-Collapse
pharaoh (collapse) money games Pharaoh's Treasure
mahjong solitaire money games Mahjong
pool-rush play arcade cash games Pool-Rush
aqua-rush play arcade cash games Aqua-Rush
darts play online cash games Darts
buckman play online cash games Buckman
tri-peaks pyramids play cash games Tri-Peaks
pyramid-13 solitaire online play for money Pyramid-13

Featured Games: Gin-Rummy
Gin-Rummy is a card game for two people. A game consists of a series of hands, and it ends when a player accumulates 100 or more points. Then, the final scores are calculated and the player with the higher score is the winner. You can play regular gin-rummy, gin only games, oklahoma gin, select from 100 to 500 point games, play tournaments etc.

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How to use PayPal to buy playing Tickets

Remember, you can play 2-player games such as Cribbage, Gin Rummy, Backgammon, Dominoes, Spades or Canasta for free all the time without limitations. But you may want to add some thrill to your gaming to play the same games for Tickets (so called Mini-Tournaments) or you may want to join Big Tournaments in all these games. Maybe also you have spent all the Bonus Tickets in Arcade and Solitaire games, such as Tri-Peaks, Pyramid-13, Klondike Solitaire, Darts, Mahjong or Rush-21 and want to buy more to compete for the best score with the other players or to join Daily or Monthly JackPot tournaments.

To do it you will need to buy playing Tickets and the easiest way is to use PayPal. If you don't have PayPal account you can visit PayPal site and complete PayPal sign-up procedure. It's not difficult - press "Sign Up Now!" button on the first page. After e-mail confirmation and completing registration procedure you can use PayPal to buy playing Tickets.

To buy playing Tickets at you must be logged in first. From the game rooms page select "Buy $Tickets" link
buy tickets vis PayPal

Then on the tickets purchasing screen select the required amount of Tickets to buy from a drop-down list (for example 10 Tickets by default) and press button "Pay via PayPal". If it is your first Tickets purchasing you will need to enter your phone number for your future security.
Pay via PayPal - play for money

A new window will be opened - from secure PayPal site. You will need to login to your PayPal account to make Tickets purchasing.

After successful login to your PayPal account you will see your payment details and the item to buy (the amount of tickets you have selected on Tickets purchasing screen). Please review the payment details and click "Pay" to complete your secure payment.
click Pay to complete PayPay payment

You could use $Tickets to enter any Tournament with a Cash Prize. For example, if you had 15 $Tickets in your account, you could use them to enter three 5-$Ticket Tournaments or one 15-$Ticket Tournament. You can convert $Tickets that are unused and/or those you have won into Cash (1 $Ticket = $1 USD) - the amount will be sent to you at your request. There are no cash-out fees.

To read more about cash games read Internet Cash Games article
To read more about Tickets read Tournament Tickets article

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