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Backgammon Internet Tournaments

How to play backgammon tournaments online at

see also:
Backgammon Rules. How to play Backgammon
Long Backgammon Quiz. Do you want to play Long Backgammon Online?
Current and Upcoming Tournaments List
Play Backgammon Online. Backgammon Tournaments
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Tournaments overview
Do you want to play backgammon tournaments online like in real land-based tournaments? You can do it here. This site provides an online service to players of backgammon games. Participants can compete in multi-player Tournaments of Backgammon. Just like in real land-based Tournaments, the players pay an entry fee for participation in online Tournament events, and may win prizes.

Just like in real land-based Backgammon Tournaments, the players pay an entry fee for participation in online Money Tournament and may win Cash Prizes. In order to participate in Tournaments, you need to feel very comfortable with our Site and our games. In fact, it is an absolute requirement for players to play several Free games on our site prior to playing for Tickets (1 Ticket = $1 USD). When you have met all our Eligibility Requirements, you can proceed to purchase Tournament Tickets and participate in Money Tournaments with Cash Prizes. If you already have Tournament Tickets you can register for the appropriate Backgammon tournament.

Purchasing Tickets
Each ticket costs $1(USD) plus applicable charges and processing fees. You can proceed to purchase Tickets via BUY Tickets Button or Links on the Site. Tournament Tickets can be bought via PayPal, Neteller or by a valid Credit Card directly on our site. When you enter your payment options on the 'Purchase Tickets' page, and, once approved, you will be returned to our playing page, complete with tickets. You are now ready to participate in online Backgammon Tournaments.

Playing in Tournaments provides an online service for Backgammon players. Tournaments give these players an ability to participate in scheduled online Swiss system, Double, Single Elimination Tournaments. The most popular scheme for online backgammon tournaments is Single Elimination Tournaments. All game tournaments, including Backgammon online tournaments are played in special rooms - usually Tournament Room. The finished Single Elimination Backgammon tournament is illustrated below.

Backgammon tournament '2 PT ND SE 4 TIX W / TD Name'
Start Time: Jan 25 2007, 8:04pm EST
Check-in: please enter room 5 min prior to start
Pairing: Single Elimination
Time Control: 2pt/1
Entry Fee: 4 Tickets
Extra Bonus: none
Cash Prize: 1-st place: 17 Tickets,
2-d place: 9 Tickets
Description: see rules
2 Point No Double Single Elim 1 Minute Per Move Rules Prior to Start
Time Now: Jan 25 2007, 11:25pm EST
Location: Tournament Room
Director: Contact Tournament Director

Final Standings:   1-st Place: gammon_1 - won 17 Tickets
2-d Place: tia_dice - won 9 Tickets


Single Elimination Backgammon Tournaments
In multi-player single elimination backgammon tournaments a single defeat eliminates the player from the tournament. If the game ends in a draw, the new game is played until one of the players wins. At every round, the winners of the previous round are paired with each other, while the losers are eliminated.

Odds and Prizes
The results of all Tournaments offered on the Site depend on the number of participants and their skill level; precise odds of winning are therefore not applicable. In a typical Multi-player Backgammon Tournament (3 or more participants) approximately 85% of total entry fees will constitute the Net Prize (rounded down to the nearest $Ticket) and will be distributed to the winner(s) according to the online calculator available for all pending tournaments.

Determination of Winners
Lists of winners will be posted on the Site immediately following each tournament. The results and winners of each tournament offered on the Site will be determined by the site's management in its sole discretion. By registering and/or participating in any tournament, you agree to be bound by these determinations and to recognize Management's decisions as final.

Play Backgammon Online. Backgammon Tournaments


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